Trio "Flamingos"
Max Nagl: Sax
Otto Lechner: Akkordeon
Brad Jones: Bass

CD: Flamingos
Big Four
Max Nagl: saxophone
Steve Bernstein: trumpet
Noel Akchoté: guitar
Brad Jones: bass

CD: Big Four, Big Four Live

Wumm! Zack!
Max Nagl: alto sax
Clemens Salesny: alto sax
Alex Meissl: e-bass
Herbert Pirker: drums
Max Nagl: sax
Clemens Wenger: keyboards
Herbert Pirker: drums

CD: Market Rasen
Max Nagl Quintet
Max Nagl: saxophone
Joanna Lewis: violin
Josef Novotny: piano Novo's Site
Achim Tang: bass
Patrice Heral: percussion

The "Max Nagl Quintet" started as a quartet in 95. It was formed to play music for home made "super 8" films. In 97 the first CD entitled "Mélange à trois"(rude noises 003) was released. This quartet performed besides concerts at different venues in Austria in Vienna at Porgy & Bess and at the Radio Concert Hall -- London Jazzfestival 97 -- Melbourne/Australia at Theatre Works in 97 -- in Graz/ Austria at the Festival Musikprotokoll 98 -- Jazzfestival Saalfelden 98 -- Akut Jazzfestival Mainz /Germany 99 - Rabat/Maroccoo Festival -- Taiwan Tour May 99 -- New York (Tonic /Knitting Factory) -- Bath Jazzfestival 2000 -- Tampere Jazzfestival 2000 -- Jazzfestival Junas 2004/France.

CD's: Cafe Electric (November Music)
strichcode (rude noises) (distributed by Extraplatte)

"..their music was a beautiful fusion of chamber and contemporary music and classical jazz."
Turun Sanomat No.6th. Jarmo Wallenius, Finnland

"Brilliant, beautiful, ugly, unsettling and compelling stuff".
Time Out London, May 2000, John Lewis

"Austrian Nagl´s quirky take on café society works - in places.When he hits it right he´s a delight, suggesting real potential for developing an original approach to jazz".
Listed in "JazzTimes" under "15 european albums that sound surprising and they´re not free jazz".
JazzTimes, Dec.2000, Stuart Nicholson

"Ein skelettierter, schlackenloser Swing; unverschmockte Salonmusik; Zirzensisches ohne Schweißgeruch; ein staubtrockener Latin Groove".
FALTER 42/99 Klaus Nüchtern

" Despite of quite dry stage presence of the quintet their music was swinging and it was full of warmth and sense of humour. The leader produced two simultanious sounds from his alto sax, a low, smokey hum and a clear high sound"
Aamulethi Nov.5th2000, Jussi Niemi, Finnland

Max Nagl Quartet
Max Nagl: saxophone
Joanna Lewis: violin
Josef Novotny: piano
Patrice Heral: percussion

CD: Mélange à trois (rude noises)

Max Nagl Trio
Max Nagl: sax
Vincent Wizlsperger: bass
Paul Skrepek: drums

CD: Falarm (rude noises)

Album of the week: Max Nagl Trio falarm ****
"This is the more, er, conventional side of Austrian saxophonist Max Nagl´s oeuvre, the other being a roller-coaster ride of sample, crazy juxtapositions and his own multi-instrumental flair. Here his sax carries flashes of an array of influences, including Ornette Coleman, though the music is nearer that of Joseph Jarman´s wonderful trio with Johnny Dyani and Don Moye. SInce the 1960s this musical territory has too often been usurped by those with only angst and anger - or nothing - to express. Nagl does not just possess an immeasurably wider emotional palette, he has a profound grasp of how to play (in both senses of the word) with shape, structure and light and shade. The other players - bassist Vincenz Wizlsperger and drummer Paul Skrepek - are up to the leader´s stunning levels of invention and flexibility, as they flick from robustness to fragility. There is a rare chance to see Nagl performing in the flesh with regular collaborator Josef Novotny at the Harbourside Brasserie on Monday, as part of the annual What Is Music? festival."
John Shand (The Sydney Morning Herald Feb 16-22 2001)
Otto Lechner - Max Nagl Duo
Otto Lechner: piano, akkordeon, stimme, percussion
Max Nagl: sopran-, alt-, tenorsaxophon

CD: En Passant (rude noises)

The Max Nagl Ensemble
CD : Quartier Du Faisan (HATHUT)
Clemens Salesny:alto sax, bass clarinet
Franz Hautzinger: quarter tone trumpet
Lorenz Raab: trumpet
Martin Ptak: trombone
Max Nagl:alto sax, melodica
Clemens Wenger: piano
Josef Novotny:electronics, piano
Achim Tang: double bass
Lukas Knöfler: drums
Luis Ribeiro: percussion